How extreme can you go?

With total amazement I’ve been watching episodes of extreme couponing, just like every other Dutchie I’m a huge fan of getting stuff for free. I wouldn’t know what to do with a thousand toothbrushes, but hey, if they would be free I would certainly find something.

Too bad that something like that doesn’t exist in Holland, we have all kinds of rules that will prevent you from getting too much stuff for free. Every now and again there will be a free trial. I have to buy the article, save my receipt and send it in. Eventually you will get your money back. But as you can see this takes quite an effort.

Nothing like the American folks, they have websites and just have to print the coupons. They make a job out of it. I’ve seen people getting stuff worth over $2000, and walking out the store just having payed $20. Amazing!

So I wanted to do my own Dutch version of extreme couponing, so for the last month I’ve been checking out websites and keeping a log of my activity. Now that the month is over I am sad to inform you that my total does’nt come anywhere near $2000. I’ve got approximately $50 worth of free stuff. Among my list there is a sausage (I’m a veggie), toilet paper (why do they give those away, everybody needs toiletpaper and is willing to buy it), air freshener,  and some soda.

So for people who are known for being cheap we Dutchies actually get next to nothing for free.

So here’s a Short video about Holland