Upsycling to a Toymirror! DIY project!

Since a couple of weeks I’ve been collecting toys. I didn’t care if they were broken or missing paint. This because I started a great upsycle project: The ToyMirror!
It’s super easy to make and it will definitely give an extra touch to a (child’s) room.

What you need:

– A simple mirror with frame (I used a square one, bought it at a secondhand shop)
– A lot of toys (preferably not too big)
– Spray paint (your choice of color) and primer
– Superglue (or comparable)
– Masking tape
– Scissors
– Sandpaper

Step one:
make sure you sand down the frame before you put your primer on it. Or else the paint will not hold because of the greasy spots.

Step two:
tape the mirror, so when you put your primer on it, your mirror won’t get spray painted as well.

Step three:Spray paint the primer layer and wait for it to dry completely!

Step four:
Spray paint it in your choice of color. For a subtle look you can use grey or black, but if you want it to stand out, you could use some neon colors!

Step five:


Put toys all over the frame, and see if they fit well. If so, take the superglue and glue the toys to the frame. (make sure the toys are fat free, I put them in the dishwasher. If they are not fat free, the paint will not hold!)

Step six:
The final step! Spray paint it all one last time, wait for it to dry and if necessary spray paint it one last time. Wait for it to dry and then sit back and admire the result!

I would like to see the results of other people who have tried this upsycle ToyMirror!


NES and SNES find!

The other day, just me walking about in a thrift shop when my eye meets a box, stuffed away under a counter.
Call it a hunch or whatever you like, but I pulled it out and discovered a sweet deal.

Here’s are some of my today finds:

A NES console, 2 controllers, a zapper gun, a SNES with 2 controllers.

Games for Nes:

Turbo racing
Turtles 3, Manhattan Project
Tetris (2x)
Kirby’s adventures
Chip ’n dale, rescue rangers
Donkey kong classics
Duck tales 2
Festers quest
Maniac mansion
Super mario bros
Duck hunt (2X)
Super mario bros 2 (2x) en 3 (2x)
Gremlins 2
Zelda 2, the adventures of link


Super mario world
Yoshis island
Yogi bears cartoon capers
Super mario kart
Street racer
Super mario all stars
Zelda 1

And there is more:

A pro action replay for Gameboy
Super mario land
Bugs bunny 2

I’ll say.. it’s quite a catch. And that for a couple of Euro’s!
Ofcourse, it’s all nicely tucked away to save for the next couple of years (and play it now and again 🙂 )

Tomorrow it’s thriftshopday for me again, let’s see what I bring home this time! I’ll keep you posted!