NES and SNES find!

The other day, just me walking about in a thrift shop when my eye meets a box, stuffed away under a counter.
Call it a hunch or whatever you like, but I pulled it out and discovered a sweet deal.

Here’s are some of my today finds:

A NES console, 2 controllers, a zapper gun, a SNES with 2 controllers.

Games for Nes:

Turbo racing
Turtles 3, Manhattan Project
Tetris (2x)
Kirby’s adventures
Chip ’n dale, rescue rangers
Donkey kong classics
Duck tales 2
Festers quest
Maniac mansion
Super mario bros
Duck hunt (2X)
Super mario bros 2 (2x) en 3 (2x)
Gremlins 2
Zelda 2, the adventures of link


Super mario world
Yoshis island
Yogi bears cartoon capers
Super mario kart
Street racer
Super mario all stars
Zelda 1

And there is more:

A pro action replay for Gameboy
Super mario land
Bugs bunny 2

I’ll say.. it’s quite a catch. And that for a couple of Euro’s!
Ofcourse, it’s all nicely tucked away to save for the next couple of years (and play it now and again 🙂 )

Tomorrow it’s thriftshopday for me again, let’s see what I bring home this time! I’ll keep you posted!