CD release party Boss Capone!

Although a few people may have heard from Boss Capone, you may have heard from The Upsessions! No? Shame on you! Here’s a link, get educated:

The Upsessions

You may like the sweet vibe, I know I do, because it gives me a summer feel and depending on the song it will even bring me in a dancing mood, just check it out and let me know what you think about the music!

On the 6th of july Boss Capone presented his new album (also released on Vinyl) and I was really anxious to go there, not only because I’m a huge fan of early reggae, but also because Boss is a friend of mine (In the early days of the Upsessions they even recorded their first album at my place).

He recorded the complete album in his own studio, using just one mic! And who guessed this is the sound he would get:

Boss Capone

Boss Capone got the crowd to move, just like the name of the album suggests. And especially with the funky reggae songs the crowd went crazy. So, while everybody was minding their own business in the red light district of Amsterdam, a club called Winston Kingdom was shaking and doin’ the reggae.