I have to catch my breath.

The valley is deeper than I thought.

That is because the mountain

is rather high

and the grass is recently mown.



Antique, Vintage, Retro… What exactly is the difference?

For quite a while now I am a huge fan of second hand stuff. But I’ve never seemed to be able to tell the difference between Vintage, Retro and Antique. So, before I go on and tell you about my finds, I want to educate myself, and while I’m at it, you too!



An antique is “a work of art, piece of furniture, or decorative object made at an earlier period and according to various customs laws at least 100 years ago.


Although widely misused, the term “vintage” refers to an item that is at least 20 years old or more.


retro simply refers to anything that looks out of style for the current time period.


So in my next blog, there’s gonna be a lot of NES and SNES (and 30 games, zapper gun and more fun stuff) I have scored lately, but also paintings and other antiques and vintage finds!

I am always interested in the uncommon stuff!


Waltzing Matilda in Australia!

You might wonder why the funny title, well this is what I’ve learned about the song while staying in Australia. If you would translate it in German for instance it would say something like “dancing with Matilda”, but that is not what this song really refers to, the actual Ozzy meaning is this: It is Australian slang for traveling by foot with one’s goods  in a “Matilda” (bag) slung over one’s back. And that is just what we did! We had our bags slung over our back and took off to see The Great Land Of Ozz!



I had great expectations about the Australian New Years, we all have seen the fireworks! And the fireworks were amazing, the smoke turned everything in a surreal landscape. It was nothing like I’m used to though, in Holland we meet up at someones place, party until 12, make our wishes, do some kisses, and then we move to a bigger party (if wanted). In Australia however, Lees verder

CD release party Boss Capone!

Although a few people may have heard from Boss Capone, you may have heard from The Upsessions! No? Shame on you! Here’s a link, get educated:

The Upsessions

You may like the sweet vibe, I know I do, because it gives me a summer feel and depending on the song it will even bring me in a dancing mood, just check it out and let me know what you think about the music!

On the 6th of july Boss Capone presented his new album (also released on Vinyl) and I was really anxious to go there, not only because I’m a huge fan of early reggae, but also because Boss is a friend of mine (In the early days of the Upsessions they even recorded their first album at my place).

He recorded the complete album in his own studio, using just one mic! And who guessed this is the sound he would get:

Boss Capone

Boss Capone got the crowd to move, just like the name of the album suggests. And especially with the funky reggae songs the crowd went crazy. So, while everybody was minding their own business in the red light district of Amsterdam, a club called Winston Kingdom was shaking and doin’ the reggae.



Meet me in Paris

Paris was a Party, with a capital P! Although seeing the Mona Lisa turned out to be impossible,285180_2092492585054_1247056_n going to the graveyard where many, many famous people throughout history lay was amazing! Père Lachais is al little village on it’s own, where one can easily get lost. When entering Père Lachais you see streets… I am telling you! STREETS! Jan and I took a couple of hours and didn’t even get the chance to walk from one side to the other. We did get to see the grave of Jim Morrison, tucked away between other graves it wasn’t that impressive, I’ll say, my grandfather has a better one! The tree by it’s side.. well that’s another story! It tells about the songs an the life of Jim and it’s completely carved, amazing!

The tree that tells Jim Morrison's tale

The tree that tells Jim Morrison’s tale

So it’s no secret our next stop was a whiskey bar in the music area (a must go!). It was an sizzling night, we had just seen the Eiffel tower, and although it had just stopped raining, the overall feel was relaxed. One could literally smell Paris. Strolling through the streets you could see musicians everywhere. Someone actually dragged a piano down the street and played awesome music for those who wanted to hear. When we entered the bar there was live music, it all felt so moulin rouge.

I’m telling you, if you’re ever in the mood for a big adventure, spend a weekend in Paris!

Must do:

– See Paris by boat, no really, the subs will only show you concrete, while on the water you get to see it all! All the best places are situated near the water. And you can hop on and off!

– Stay near a station, Paris has a couple of them, and the best hotels are near! Maybe you know Gare du Nord? It’s a band, and now you know why!

– Ever watched Amelie (le fabulous destin d’ amlie poulin), then you should really go have a coffee where she works in the movie. You can go there! And it’s fun! Rue Saint Vincent, Montmartre.

– While you’re there, go visit Place des Abbesses, where you can find the Murs des je t’aime, the wall of I love you’s, written down in 311 languages.

Want to know more? Let me know!


Usually, I am not the biggest fan of bands or groups that only reproduce music already made by other bands. I have heard covers that cause me to feel ear raped, you probably can name some as well. It’s such an easy way of making music, because one never has to think about making new material, because somebody else wrote it, you only have to cash. In the Netherlands we have a saying: “De een zijn dood, is de ander zijn brood”, if I freely translate it, it says: “One man’s death is another man’s bread”. Kinda like: Their loss, your gain.

However, yesterday I saw the Bootleg Beatles. A group that has been making Beatle covers for the last 30 (!) years. The show took us through the Beatle stages. From the suited beginning till the flowerpower ending. And I had fun!

Sure, I know most of the songs, but they gave us a real Beatles experience. Like all the members of the Bootleg Beatles where chosen on multiple things. The resemblance was amazing, the voices came close to the originals.

The downsides? They weren’t the real deal, oh, and we had seats, so no dancing last night. Try staying put when they sing Twist and Shout!Image

Fip Radio

Having the gang over, it happens you know.

So I always make sure that I have a fresh bottle of wine and good music on the radio. Did I just say radio? YES! Oldschool right?

There is a reason… When I moved to this apartment there was a magical old radio, no internet connection, no USB port. Plain radio. I hit the power button and there it was: Fip Radio (off course you can find it online as well: http://www.fipradio.fr/)

Ever since it made the gatherings even more pleasant, and I found out this radio station is a great source for finding some new and old music.

And en passant I learn some French! Mais oui!fiplogo