In eigen taal

Ik heb er lang over nagedacht en uiteindelijk heb ik besloten dat ik mijn blog niet langer in het Engels zal schrijven. Althans, niet dít blog. Wie weet dat ik in de toekomst wel anders zal beslissen.

Ik heb er zin in! 😀



Usually, I am not the biggest fan of bands or groups that only reproduce music already made by other bands. I have heard covers that cause me to feel ear raped, you probably can name some as well. It’s such an easy way of making music, because one never has to think about making new material, because somebody else wrote it, you only have to cash. In the Netherlands we have a saying: “De een zijn dood, is de ander zijn brood”, if I freely translate it, it says: “One man’s death is another man’s bread”. Kinda like: Their loss, your gain.

However, yesterday I saw the Bootleg Beatles. A group that has been making Beatle covers for the last 30 (!) years. The show took us through the Beatle stages. From the suited beginning till the flowerpower ending. And I had fun!

Sure, I know most of the songs, but they gave us a real Beatles experience. Like all the members of the Bootleg Beatles where chosen on multiple things. The resemblance was amazing, the voices came close to the originals.

The downsides? They weren’t the real deal, oh, and we had seats, so no dancing last night. Try staying put when they sing Twist and Shout!Image