L’automne (de Herfst)


Feuilles volages,
ciel plein d’orages,
l’ été s’en va,
l’automne est là!


In eigen taal

Ik heb er lang over nagedacht en uiteindelijk heb ik besloten dat ik mijn blog niet langer in het Engels zal schrijven. Althans, niet dít blog. Wie weet dat ik in de toekomst wel anders zal beslissen.

Ik heb er zin in! 😀

Sean Dom

Sean Dom probably comes closest to pronouncing Zaandam, and it’s the city I live in, the city of windmills. I was wondering what Zaandam is known for and why the hell anybody would want to visit this town.

Zaanse Schans, Sence-uh scans.
From all over the world, but especially from Japan and China, people come to visit De Zaanse Schans. I must say that Zaandam is pretty unpronounceable, but De Zaanse Schans beats that easily.

Vrede = Peace in English, just so you know!

Vrede = Peace in English, just so you know!

It is Beautiful though, and you can stroll around and really get to know how it was in the days. As a local, you will probably never find me there.

zaanse schans

Dam tot Dam loop. Dom tod dom loop (like in slope minus the s)

Once a year we have one of the biggest runs in Zaandam, amazing! 23.000 people taping their nipples and running 16 km. (Not taping your nipples would be rather stupid, I go there every year.. I know)


To write down how you pronounce De Dam tot Dam Loop, well, a lot of English people pronounce it somewhat like Damn to Damn, whilst actually it’s more Dom to Dom. Both Zaandam and Amsterdam have a Dam, and people run from one to another.

Amsterdam, Am (like Amish) stir dom

I don’t think I mentioned it, but Zaandam is kinda like a suburb of Amsterdam. Only 15 minutes by train and you can have the Amsterdam experience.


I remember being in Italy once, just a random small place at the Como lake. I entered a shop and on the table there was a book. It was opened on a certain page, and on that page was this:

Hotel Inntell, Zaandam

Hotel Inntell, Zaandam

This building rises tall in Zaandam, but it’s known all over the world. Everybody has got something to say about it. You either love it or you hate it. Speaking for myself I think it’s pretty cool, and it is a real eye catcher. All different kinds of Zaanse Homes put on top of each other.. Brilliant!

So far my own touristic view of Zaandam, allthough there’s a lot more to know, but I’ll just save that for next time!








Callysta- Amazing shoulder jewelry!

16 Shoulder jewel brass lying woman model

I wanted you to see this picture first, before I even said a word. Because this is one piece of jewelry that leaves me speechless. And that my friends, is something that doesn’t happen a lot.

I know that in vintage days gone by shoulder jewelry was fashionable, but I thought it  had died a quiet death, to never return. But like skinny jeans (something a lot of people said they would never, NEVER, wear again) it is making it’s way back to being it.

This is something quit different from the studs I see everywhere, the so called Michael Jackson shoulder pads. I just love it!

16 Shoulder jewel brass lying woman closeup 16 Shoulder jewel brass lying woman model 2 17 Shoulder jewel brass sitting woman closeup 17 Shoulder jewel brass sitting woman model

The only thing I’m hoping for right now is that jeans doesn’t make his return, remember the days in which everything was jeans? Here’s a reminder:


If you’re interested in these beautiful pieces, I found them at this new webshop called Callysta.

Website Callysta

Callysta on Facebook


Upsycling to a Toymirror! DIY project!

Since a couple of weeks I’ve been collecting toys. I didn’t care if they were broken or missing paint. This because I started a great upsycle project: The ToyMirror!
It’s super easy to make and it will definitely give an extra touch to a (child’s) room.

What you need:

– A simple mirror with frame (I used a square one, bought it at a secondhand shop)
– A lot of toys (preferably not too big)
– Spray paint (your choice of color) and primer
– Superglue (or comparable)
– Masking tape
– Scissors
– Sandpaper

Step one:
make sure you sand down the frame before you put your primer on it. Or else the paint will not hold because of the greasy spots.

Step two:
tape the mirror, so when you put your primer on it, your mirror won’t get spray painted as well.

Step three:Spray paint the primer layer and wait for it to dry completely!

Step four:
Spray paint it in your choice of color. For a subtle look you can use grey or black, but if you want it to stand out, you could use some neon colors!

Step five:


Put toys all over the frame, and see if they fit well. If so, take the superglue and glue the toys to the frame. (make sure the toys are fat free, I put them in the dishwasher. If they are not fat free, the paint will not hold!)

Step six:
The final step! Spray paint it all one last time, wait for it to dry and if necessary spray paint it one last time. Wait for it to dry and then sit back and admire the result!

I would like to see the results of other people who have tried this upsycle ToyMirror!

NES and SNES find!

The other day, just me walking about in a thrift shop when my eye meets a box, stuffed away under a counter.
Call it a hunch or whatever you like, but I pulled it out and discovered a sweet deal.

Here’s are some of my today finds:

A NES console, 2 controllers, a zapper gun, a SNES with 2 controllers.

Games for Nes:

Turbo racing
Turtles 3, Manhattan Project
Tetris (2x)
Kirby’s adventures
Chip ’n dale, rescue rangers
Donkey kong classics
Duck tales 2
Festers quest
Maniac mansion
Super mario bros
Duck hunt (2X)
Super mario bros 2 (2x) en 3 (2x)
Gremlins 2
Zelda 2, the adventures of link


Super mario world
Yoshis island
Yogi bears cartoon capers
Super mario kart
Street racer
Super mario all stars
Zelda 1

And there is more:

A pro action replay for Gameboy
Super mario land
Bugs bunny 2

I’ll say.. it’s quite a catch. And that for a couple of Euro’s!
Ofcourse, it’s all nicely tucked away to save for the next couple of years (and play it now and again 🙂 )

Tomorrow it’s thriftshopday for me again, let’s see what I bring home this time! I’ll keep you posted!

La vie at Lac du Chalain, France

Initially the plan was to go see something outside of Europe, however, when the chance came up we decided to go see the Jura, a beautiful green part of France, happily situated near Switzerland and Italy. We set up camp at Lac du Chalain, a perfect blue lagoon of fresh water.


We took a stroll around the campsite, and it was then and there we decided to make a trip around the lake later that week, a good 20 km.

IMG_4226 IMG_4228

At the lake there are two campsites, and two villages nearby. No more, no less. So when you’re not a hiker or a biker, you probably should stay clear of the site. There’s not much to do besides visiting a tiny cave and go grocery shopping. I always enjoy grocery shopping in France, because the malls are so much bigger then the ones in Holland.

This time we were in luck! In the village Marigny there was a big party going on. It was an annual fest and every villager (a small village of 125 people) was there. With drinking games and chasing goats I could see it was something big for them, and of course we joined in!


Before taking our first hike we took a nice French meal, consisting of onions, egg and tomatoes, finished with some French bread and some local wine. Next stop: Le Cascades du Herrison. It all felt kinda Herisson Ford, with an E. Climbing over waterfalls en big (enormous) rocks, walking steep hills and seeing the Jura in all the green it is, I found it all amazing. At the end of the day, and a stiff 15 km walk later, I was totally tired but really satisfied!


The walk around the lake, well that was something else. Why take the already existing roads when you can go off road? Climbing and holing on to branches. Sometimes even tumbling down! One really has to watch out while taking this hike! But it’s worth while (maybe not so much the beach for nudists, but you can just walk by). Now and again you will see a boat, overgrown with plants, some local animals and if you look in the emerald green water you can see fish, minding their own business.


If you ever go to France, go see the mountains and the lakes. Go see the waterfalls and the forests. If you are more a city kinda type, I dare you to find the Mona Lisa in Paris, and if you find it, will you be so kind to send me a picture?

How extreme can you go?

With total amazement I’ve been watching episodes of extreme couponing, just like every other Dutchie I’m a huge fan of getting stuff for free. I wouldn’t know what to do with a thousand toothbrushes, but hey, if they would be free I would certainly find something.

Too bad that something like that doesn’t exist in Holland, we have all kinds of rules that will prevent you from getting too much stuff for free. Every now and again there will be a free trial. I have to buy the article, save my receipt and send it in. Eventually you will get your money back. But as you can see this takes quite an effort.

Nothing like the American folks, they have websites and just have to print the coupons. They make a job out of it. I’ve seen people getting stuff worth over $2000, and walking out the store just having payed $20. Amazing!

So I wanted to do my own Dutch version of extreme couponing, so for the last month I’ve been checking out websites and keeping a log of my activity. Now that the month is over I am sad to inform you that my total does’nt come anywhere near $2000. I’ve got approximately $50 worth of free stuff. Among my list there is a sausage (I’m a veggie), toilet paper (why do they give those away, everybody needs toiletpaper and is willing to buy it), air freshener,  and some soda.

So for people who are known for being cheap we Dutchies actually get next to nothing for free.

So here’s a Short video about Holland