Callysta- Amazing shoulder jewelry!

16 Shoulder jewel brass lying woman model

I wanted you to see this picture first, before I even said a word. Because this is one piece of jewelry that leaves me speechless. And that my friends, is something that doesn’t happen a lot.

I know that in vintage days gone by shoulder jewelry was fashionable, but I thought it  had died a quiet death, to never return. But like skinny jeans (something a lot of people said they would never, NEVER, wear again) it is making it’s way back to being it.

This is something quit different from the studs I see everywhere, the so called Michael Jackson shoulder pads. I just love it!

16 Shoulder jewel brass lying woman closeup 16 Shoulder jewel brass lying woman model 2 17 Shoulder jewel brass sitting woman closeup 17 Shoulder jewel brass sitting woman model

The only thing I’m hoping for right now is that jeans doesn’t make his return, remember the days in which everything was jeans? Here’s a reminder:


If you’re interested in these beautiful pieces, I found them at this new webshop called Callysta.

Website Callysta

Callysta on Facebook



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