Waltzing Matilda in Australia!

You might wonder why the funny title, well this is what I’ve learned about the song while staying in Australia. If you would translate it in German for instance it would say something like “dancing with Matilda”, but that is not what this song really refers to, the actual Ozzy meaning is this: It is Australian slang for traveling by foot with one’s goods  in a “Matilda” (bag) slung over one’s back. And that is just what we did! We had our bags slung over our back and took off to see The Great Land Of Ozz!



I had great expectations about the Australian New Years, we all have seen the fireworks! And the fireworks were amazing, the smoke turned everything in a surreal landscape. It was nothing like I’m used to though, in Holland we meet up at someones place, party until 12, make our wishes, do some kisses, and then we move to a bigger party (if wanted). In Australia however, when the fireworks are over, the party is over (unless you are in a 600 dollar per ticket boat, in that case, party until dawn). So this year I am very happy doing it the old fashioned Dutch way!

Road Trip


Our road trip took us from Sydney to Noosa and back. If you see the map it next to nothing, but we drove 900 k. one way, and if you have barely a month to check it all out, a total of 1600 k. is quite a lot.

Sydney is a windy place, witch actually is refreshing when traveling in summer (sometimes even chilly). Let yourself do a walkabout and get lost, you can always get a taxi to bring you back, and that is so much fun! On our great walkabout we found the following alley:


The Blue Mountains were awesome, not any different from any other mountain, but still… I liked the stories about the Three Sisters, about the oldest village in Australia, and why the Blue Mountains are called the Blue Mountains.

Blue mountains

Blue mountains

Byron Bay is called the hippie Village, the shops breath hippie and the people are chill. They have barbies (BBQ) on the streets where the locals meet up. The beach is beautiful. This is a must see!



Rainbow beach was where we stayed in a cool hostel. The beds were awful, but the bar was so much fun (and cheap, a cocktail was 6$). Whe took a walk to the sandblow, witch gets blown around the area, and moves every couple of years. Here you have the possibility to sandboard, something I was really eager to do.


Fraser Island was so much fun! Especially when you take the guided tour bus, it’s like being on a roller coaster. The birds sound like monkeys and it is really strange to walk from a beach into a jungle. However, the promised Dingo’s are nowhere to be found. On the bus you get to meet some cool and some strange people, for instance, the Korean people.. OMG! The Korean girl next to me was watching her favourite soap opera, while being banged up and down and smashed forward and back, Kudos! The guy next to her, I assume her boyfriend, was plucking his chinhair with a tweezer! Amazing!

Using the FlipFlops

Using the FlipFlops

Brisbane  is like your average big city, skyscrapers, lots and lots of people and cars everywhere. But if you get to hang with some locals, you might find the cool spots. In this case: An inner city beach! You can swim under the stars and watch the skyline. Something I don’t get to do in Holland.


Overall advice when traveling to Australia

Bring money, people in Australia don’t pay health care and the government has raised the taxes on food and drinks to pay for that. (actually quite smart, because now people who don’t actually live in Australia will pay for the people who do live there)

Quit smoking! A small pack will cost you up to 50$! And really nobody up there likes smokers, unless you are from the country.

Don’t bend the rules, it’s not that simple! Being a former prison camp, you will find rules everywhere, like they are still afraid the crooks will overcome.

And most of all: Have an ace time mate!


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