Meet me in Paris

Paris was a Party, with a capital P! Although seeing the Mona Lisa turned out to be impossible,285180_2092492585054_1247056_n going to the graveyard where many, many famous people throughout history lay was amazing! Père Lachais is al little village on it’s own, where one can easily get lost. When entering Père Lachais you see streets… I am telling you! STREETS! Jan and I took a couple of hours and didn’t even get the chance to walk from one side to the other. We did get to see the grave of Jim Morrison, tucked away between other graves it wasn’t that impressive, I’ll say, my grandfather has a better one! The tree by it’s side.. well that’s another story! It tells about the songs an the life of Jim and it’s completely carved, amazing!

The tree that tells Jim Morrison's tale

The tree that tells Jim Morrison’s tale

So it’s no secret our next stop was a whiskey bar in the music area (a must go!). It was an sizzling night, we had just seen the Eiffel tower, and although it had just stopped raining, the overall feel was relaxed. One could literally smell Paris. Strolling through the streets you could see musicians everywhere. Someone actually dragged a piano down the street and played awesome music for those who wanted to hear. When we entered the bar there was live music, it all felt so moulin rouge.

I’m telling you, if you’re ever in the mood for a big adventure, spend a weekend in Paris!

Must do:

– See Paris by boat, no really, the subs will only show you concrete, while on the water you get to see it all! All the best places are situated near the water. And you can hop on and off!

– Stay near a station, Paris has a couple of them, and the best hotels are near! Maybe you know Gare du Nord? It’s a band, and now you know why!

– Ever watched Amelie (le fabulous destin d’ amlie poulin), then you should really go have a coffee where she works in the movie. You can go there! And it’s fun! Rue Saint Vincent, Montmartre.

– While you’re there, go visit Place des Abbesses, where you can find the Murs des je t’aime, the wall of I love you’s, written down in 311 languages.

Want to know more? Let me know!


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